Exploring the ecstasy

Summertime at an endless sea
And a wink from the eye of eternity
An everlasting dream, I'm exploring the ecstasy
The sun of hope cries the wind away
So my fear disappears for another day
It's a mystical play
And there's nothing left to say

Silent dreams of different kind
I hear strange sounds circling in my mind
I see childhood memories passing through the sky
Rain reminds just to falling tears
You know clouds and all those forbidden fears
Expressing the word why
You whish you could fly

Where is the reality
And where are all my thoughts
The puzzle of infinity is showing the lords
What is current history, what means the past
The future is insanity, how long will it last

Preventing ideas from hysteria fears
Insanity tears for million years
Sorrows washed away like sand
And jealousy has found its end

Where is the reality ...