Further steps

What will be my further steps
Let's take a look at many maps
I know I needn't haste
Wanna retain all the time I waste
With you

I try to shout `em out
All those feelings I've to live without
Can't stand this loneliness
Could this be love I ask myself
In vain

Further steps are like water to wine
They ensure that you can't be mine
One thing, my dear, is a matter of fact
The end of love is the price for the way you act

Some day, when you'll decide to stay, I might be far away
I'm tired of all the words that might prevent your move tonight

Now I'm here, wait for a smile
You can be sure I'll gonna rest a while
Needless words are a kind of hurts
Deep inside this useless dream
Of mine

Further steps are like water to wine ...

Some day you'll fall on your knees to pray, begging for a place to stay
Without success you tried to stand the mess and faced the loneliness
If you get sad come on and raise your head to take the further step
Out of the blue all of your dreams come true, I'll be the guide for you
Don't turn around, ignore the ticking sound, escape the chains that haunt
Try to be tough, make sure you lost enough and keep our love