I will wait for you

If this wasn't love would you dry all the tears
I wasted for the dreams you defied
While you're holding my hand there are the fears
That you try to get out of my sight

A single caress by one of your senses
Is a wish that I can't deny
Though all of my hopes and all of my chances
Might end without any reply

But it's true, I will wait for you
Till the sun turns to rain
It's no taboo, I will wait for you
Till the love kills the pain
What do I have to proof
Knowing each further move
Begging for truth is just a waste of youth

I'm losing myself within your looks of love
Your bright sparkling eyes are the prime
I'm feeling the ecstasy is making me tough
My only real enemy is just the time

Yes it's true, I will wait for you ...

If one single night was all we could get
I would share it with you without shame
No, all we would do I would never regret
There would be nothing but love to blame
And love is the only rewarding aim

Of course it's true, I will wait for you ...